What should I write?

It’s impossible to tell the whole story. It’s overwhelming to try. I get that. To make it easier, try writing about one memory.

If you’ve chosen a date for the “Send My Story Back to Me” service, like an anniversary or birthday, you could write the story you’d like to read on that day.

If you’re still not sure, take a deep breath and imagine a crystal-clear moment of emotion:

  • Laughter
  • Tenderness
  • Joy
  • Silliness
  • Playfulness
  • Love

Write about the memory. You may be surprised at how much you can write about a single memory, and how much that memory can say about your person.

You might know this line from a famous Garth Brooks song:

I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance”

What is “The Dance” for you? What moment would you never trade for anything? You could write about that.

There are lots of ideas, prompts and writing techniques available online.


I’m still hurting.  Can I share my grief story here?

I feel for you. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever stop hurting.

Writing helps us process our grief and move through the pain.  If all you have is pain right now, please write, write, write.

Eventually, something you’ve written will contain a spark of joy that you can build on, like fanning an ember into a flame.  The flame is the story that you want to send back to yourself.

The grief stories that come out before you get to the joy? There are places to share those too.

If you have a blog, you’re welcome to link to it.

If you are a professional who can help with grief, you are welcome to add a link to your website when you post your story. However, you may not promote your services in the comments of another person’s story or elsewhere on the site.


Can I tell someone else’s story?

Yes.  Two rules though:

  • The story has to be true.
  • You must have the full permission of the person whose story you’re telling. If the people are gone (your parents for example) you must believe that they would be happy to have their story remembered in this way

Examples of stories I welcome with open arms:

My wife’s mom passed away and I’d like to write a poem to honour their mother-daughter bond and have it sent to my wife every year on Mother’s Day.”

“I have love letters that my dad sent to my mom. They’re both gone now.  Can I share one here?”

“My best friend’s husband died by suicide and she’s struggling with feeling rejected in addition to being bereaved. Once, when we were camping, he told me how much she meant to her.  If she agrees to it, can I write about the love he had for her?”

Yes. Yes. YES.


I’m not a writer. Can you help?

Your story matters and is welcome here regardless of spelling, grammar, style etc.

I promise to hold every story with respect.  All that matters here is truth and love.

— Remember this story is for YOU

If you’re still feeling stuck, you may be able to get help from a friend or family member.

If you don’t have anyone to help, please reach out to me.


Does the story have to be about a romantic partner?

No. Stories of love and connection of all kinds are welcome.


Does the person have to have died?

No. There are many ways we can lose someone from our lives.

If an illness, injury or addiction has robbed you of your person, your story is welcome.

If your relationship has ended but you want to honour the love that you had for the person who isn’t in your life anymore, your story is welcome.

Basically, if you need a place to put the love you had for someone who you don’t get to see anymore, your story is welcome.

Remember, this story is not about the loss, it’s about the happy moments that existed in the time you had together.

We’re celebrating the fact that these people were in our lives for as long as we had them.

Life goes on, but so does love.  You get it.  —


What about my pet?

Pets offer a type of love and companionship that’s different than our human relationships, and worth celebrating. Pet stories are welcome.

Two promises required:

1.  If you are a pet lover you must, please, never say to someone who is bereft of their person, “I know how you feel, my cat just died.”

Pain is pain, but when we compare losses in this way we can leave a grieving person feeling hurt and misunderstood.

2.  If you are not a pet lover you must, please, never say to someone who is bereft of their animal companion, “Well, it was just a dog.”

Please have compassion for those whose pets may have been better companions than the human beings in their lives.

This is a topic where vocalizing our differences of opinion may lead to hurting others. Please see the Community Guidelines page if you have any questions about how to interact with others.


Is there a word limit?

No, but if you want a target, something around 500 words is a good length.


Builder of birdhouses” is a good length.

“That time when I was so nervous to meet your parents for dinner and then you made me laugh so hard that milk squirted out my nose” is a good length.

Remember, this is for you, so whatever you come up with good.

However, if you end up with a manuscript, please just send an excerpt and link back to the full volume if you want to.


Can I include pictures?

Yes. Please upload one picture, which will be the “cover” of your story. If you want to include more pictures, you can link them to your blog or social media platform.


Can I link to my blog or website?

Yes. You can add your link on your story page or profile. However, no soliciting of business is allowed. Your account will be deleted if you try to sell goods or services directly on this site.


What about privacy?

Members are required to register and accept community guidelines to become part of our community.  Being a member allows you to read stories and share your own story.

There are three privacy levels available.

  • Private: Only you (and the site administrator) can see your story.
  • Community: Only people who have registered and logged in to endlesstories.love can read your story.
  • Public: You can share your story on your social networks, Jessica may also (with your permission) read your story aloud for the “Monday Morning Love Story” video which may be shared on social networks.

I’m hoping that the Monday Morning Love Story will help keep our special memories alive and help more people discover www.endlessstories.love .

Jessica is the site administrator and is able to see all stories, including those set to “Private”.

Endlesstories.love uses a web-hosting service that aims to protect privacy but is not responsible for any liability in the case of a privacy violation. Please read the privacy policy for more details.

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