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He crashed on my couch and moved into my heart
Scott and I worked at a rock radio station.  He actually was hired to be my boss at a really
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Foggy Kitchen Windows
I can never see a foggy kitchen window – the kind that’s created on a rainy west coast night, draining
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My mom thought I should know she was proud of me without her having to tell me. It was a
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He waited for her… she was his right arm
64 years they were together. In 1952, they met a dinner party in Montreal. Trying to be cool, he waited
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A Love Letter, for Valentine’s Day
My Darling Skinny-Bumber, Hello, my darling.  At the moment I’m in a position to resume my sweet practice of writing
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Life’s Lemons, Lemon Curd, and Love
That day I woke up to a text from my father: “Call me and grandpa RIGHT AWAY”. First, I went
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The Berlin Proposal
We had met for the first time in the Summer of 1980 and fell in love a year after that
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Polite at First Sight
We met at Macy’s, in the wide aisle by luggage in the home section. I was finishing my shift at
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Chicken À la King
Chicken à la King can be a declaration of love. That’s how it was for Sean that Saturday, when he got
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Just A Tiny Puppy
He was just a tiny puppy. Skinny, confused, seeming entirely unsure of what this whole “being a baby dog” thing
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