Since losing my beloved Chris almost two months ago I have experienced profound loneliness. However in the quietest of moments I find solace in the memories that flood my grief. They are memories of our very own quiet moments most of which are magnificent.

In the the quietness I remember laying together nose touching nose. Looking in one another’s eyes we held eachother so close. You gently brushed the hair off my forehead. Our smiles so bright our love consuming us. The moment was so quiet we could hear eachother breathing. I’d give anything to hear you breathing. Such a brief moment but so magical.

  1. Jessica 6 years ago

    That’s beautiful, Carla and it does my heart good to know that memories of the quiet, magical moments are getting you through. You are welcome to share memories here whenever you want. Big hugs.

  2. Author
    Carla Mann 6 years ago

    Thank you Jessica, thank you for this venue to share my story. This memory popped into my head like a wildfire when I was alone this morning and everything was so quiet. It was so intense my emotions exploded…but I’m so glad I remembered. I experienced an extraordinary love with the man of my dreams. It will never fade, I will love my Chris forever.

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