We met at Macy’s, in the wide aisle by luggage in the home section. I was finishing my shift at work, walking out for the evening. I was a Clinique Consultant at the time and loved my job. I enjoyed dressing the part and looking beautiful: full makeup, hair up, black pencil skirt with classic fishnets, or a sheath dress or well-fit trousers, always with peep-toe pumps and the signature white lab coat.

I smiled and said hello to everyone. It was natural, and part of my job. On this particular afternoon, it was no big deal for me to be dressed up and strolling around saying hello to people. But I remember it very clearly.

Eric was walking towards me, heading into the store to start his shift at work. He was the receiving manager; it was his job to know everyone too.

So, I smiled and said hello.

It affected him deeply.

He introduced himself.

Although it took many more months and many more smiles before he asked me out on our first date, apparently he fell in love in that moment—when I was just being polite.

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  1. Jessica 6 years ago

    Lara, I have no problem believing that all it took was hello from you. Thank you so much for sharing this story.

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