To Grams


you were the one

who was supposed to

love me


only love me


the one who

wrapped me

in soft arms


and made me feel

for just a moment

that I was safe


I didn’t realize

you were human

could make mistakes


say hurtful things


but then you did

and then you



but on that dreamy day

with the light

pouring in


and the sweet weight

of new life

nestled beside me


half asleep

half awake

there you were


smiling at me


you looked so beautiful

and I felt drenched in love

soaked from head to toe


as I smiled back

with my lips

and with my heart


at you


  1. Jessica 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem, and agreeing to allow it to be read as the Monday Morning Love Story on April 9, 2018. Your poem is going to open a lot of hearts, I suspect. Lots of love to you.

  2. Jessica 6 years ago

    Note to readers, CCR, the author of the poem above, contacted me by email and submitted this poem so that their identity could remain private. If you’d like to post your story but keep your identifying details private, please email me through the “Contact” page or by clicking the little white envelope icon at the bottom right of this page. Thanks.

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